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Hotel Entertainer Spain 2018 (#756.919.585) 

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Picture this:
Pearly white beaches, a bright blue sea and a shining sun in a clear, blue sky. Can you picture that? Perfect, because that is the decor of your work placement where you will steal the show as a Hotel Entertainer on Mallorca, Menorca or Ibiza.

Come and join our entertainment team in Spain for half a year and ensure that the holidaymakers – and yourself of course – have an amazing, unforgettable experience. This is how you earn yourself a dream trip or your next study in half a year. And you have the opportunity to build up your work experience within hotel entertainment.

In a big Clubhotel or in a smaller family hotel: you will work with your colleagues to ensure that the hotel guests have all their requirements met. This is done by demonstrating a positive attitude, being flexible and offering them a dynamic and fascinating entertainment program. This in the form of performing in a whirlwind dance show, or organising a volleyball tournament, or an arts/crafts or a game activity afternoon. Using your talents to organise activities for young and old in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Your guests will have the time of their life. You too, because:
- Together with your colleagues and the guests, you will make a feast out of everyday by organizing amazing activities for young and old.
- With the sun on your face, you will be doing what you enjoy, what you are good at, and that is what you radiate.
- Whilst doing what you enjoy, you will be able to save up for your dream trip or a coveted educational course.
- While your friends are busy stacking shelves in a supermarket or working in the catering, you make your retreat from early March to the end of October in the Spanish holiday atmosphere. You and your colleagues will combine sun, sea and sand with hard work.
- Before you actually start working in a Spanish hotel, you will be treated to a specific training course, all at our cost. This way you learn the ins and outs of the hotel entertainment business and discover what your talents are and where they can be utilized.

Your skills:
- Your English language skills are very good and you are also able to communicate sufficiently in German, French or Spanish.
- Flexible in thought and actions. Taking that extra step to be able to go with the flow.
- Add a good dose of hospitality, creativity, self assurance and endless enthusiasm.
- Preferably able to work for a complete season from the beginning of March to the end of October 2018. You are able to be away from home for a long stretch without any problems such as homesickness.
- Finally, before you leave for the training in March or April 2018, you are required to be 18 years of age or older.

What do we offer you?
A brilliant job as a Hotel Entertainer Spain in amazing and beautiful locations such as Ibiza, Mallorca or Menorca, which are perfect for you. But there is much more:

- A good salary, based on skills and experience, between €760 and €950 nett per month.
- Free accommodation in or nearby the hotel, plus food and drink provided in the hotel.
- A temporary Spanish work contract. We take care of your Insurance and also a Spanish work permit.
- The transfer to your hotel will be paid for and when your contract has ended, we pay for your ticket home!
- Every week you have one and a half days free and you accumulate holiday days that will be paid out once your contract has ended.


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We are well known in the world of Entertainment and Hospitality having operated successfully now for 20 years. We offer many courses, training, work experience, practical work placement training and we also negotiate (temporary) jobs in the Netherlands and Spain. With more than 600 talented professionals, guests are exposed to magical treatment which brings smiles to their faces and ensures that they have an unforgettable holiday experience. We also do that for our professionals. In big and small international Cosmo teams of entertainers and team leaders, we allow our professionals to shine on the right podium. Our involvement with our professionals is sincere and personal contact is our top priority. You are not a number and we believe it is important that you do what you like and enjoy it. Especially having the opportunity to do what you are good at within a team where you feel comfortable, thus able to perform better.
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101 - 1000

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